Hagerman HagUsb vs M-audio Transit - anyone yet?

Anyone has experience with HagUsb yet?


Currently I'm using M-audio Transit, and although I'm pretty satisfied with it, I was thining about trying Waweterminal U24.

I found out U24 got discontinued, but found out about this new product HagUsb. It functions almost same as Transit but with coaxial out instead of optical out.

I heard somebody said HagUsb doesn't support PC? but they say "HagUsb is compatible with both Windows XP and Mac OS-X." on their website.

I'm wondering about the performance, easy of use, compatibility with PC, reliability, etc. especially compared to M-audio Transit.

i have a hagusb and had no issues getting it to work under both windows xp and SuSE 10 Linux. i got the best sound under xp by using asio4all and foobar with a asio plugin.
I haven't ordered one yet, but am still considering it. Still suffering with the choices and options of pc audio.
another thing is that HagUsb only does 24/48?

while others such as M-Audio, U24 do 24/96...
Try Audigy 2 NX.

I made the switch from Transit recently and it is an audible upgrade.
The U24 is 24/48 like the Hag. Mine goes to a dCS Purcell, so anything over 16/44.1 is overkill for me...
How about the usb version?

I'm not 100% sure but I saw here that U24 and M-Audio is USB version 2.0?

Seems like HagUsb is usb 1.1

Does the usb version make any difference in sound quality?
16/44.1 is 1.4 mbps, 24/96 is 4.6 mbps. My recollection is that USB 1.1 is 10 mbps and USB 2.0 is about 40. So, I think USB 1.1 is probably OK for 16/44.1, but you might want USB 2.0 for upsampled tunes. I don't remember which interface the U24 runs at, but I have never had a USB data rate problem.

I think running things though USB hubs can also impact data rates negatively, as well as the number of other USB devices you are daisychaining. For example, if your are using a USB drive and a USB audio device through a hub, and pulling Apple Lossless files off the drive for playback, I think you will need about 1 mbps for the USB drive->PC and another 1.4 mbps for playback.

If you do go USB 2.0, make sure any hubs you have are USB 2.0 compliant; its downwards compatible, but I think that means you end up with the lowest data rate in the chain.