guarneri memento vs olymica 3

Hello all members !
I consider buying a pair of sonus faber speakers.
Narrowed my search down to guarneri memento and olymica 3.

Olympica’s i can get almost new but guarneri’s are few years old.( almost same price )
I understand they’re different kind of speakers but i could always use a sub with mementos.

Still dont’ know witch amp i would use. For now i only have ps audio DirectStream DAC.

Whats your opinion? Full range or monitors with sub ?
Witch of them get better soundstage and will sound more natural?
Any amp recommendations ?

Thanks in advance !!!
Room size?  The Mementos are a fabulous speaker.  I currently have the Cremona Auditor Ms in a room 15 x18 x 8 and use a REL B1 sub with them.  When I get ready to upgrade the Mementos will be on my short list.  I was originally wanting the Ellipsas but my room was too small.  You may not even need a sub with the Mementos.  I really don't need one with my Auditor Ms, due to placement in the room.
room is 20x18 but i may move the speakers to a bigger room soon.
you think mementos will give me better soundstage than olympicas ?

Big thing to keep in mind:  Guarneri list price was from when the Euro was 2-3x the USD.  Don't over pay.  You should be able to get Guarneri Evos for less than an Olympica 3, and they are better than mementos.