Great musicians who should have been famous except....

I'm throwing this out there as an example. My 16 yr old aspiring drummer son asked me if I had anything in the vinyl collection tonight... apparently the U Tube video tutorials finally got boring. He is really good and practices non stop but it was refreshing when he asked about ideas for sound. In a moment of 30 years past clarity I put on the B side of Van Halen 1984… Is Alex Van Halen the most under rated rock drummer of all time? And is there a better lead in to ANY rock vinyl side than that???

Yeah. Familiar with Billy Martin, not Yasunori Takada though. Looks like his band, Mono, did some output in Tzadik Records which I can get behind. I’ll check ‘em out!
That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard about AVH. He was an and probably still is an awesome drummer. I never ever heard of anyone not knowing who AVH was. Every one that I knew knew that AVH and EVH were brothers in VH. AVH underrated as a drummer????? NEVER EVER !!!!!!! 
Ok good feedback. But I call BS. When u talk VH (does it ever happen??, not in my world) but even if it did would you be talking about AVH with Moon, Bonham, Peart, etc. No way. Its the typical David vs Sammy. Take some responsibility and give some respect where its due?!