Great cd players that can connect directly to a power amp?

(Besides Wadia and Resolution Audio)
(accuphase dp-75v, 85 and 101, plus some earlier, out-of-production units.) -cfb
EVS makes dacs with analog variable output which work very well.I'm using one myself and have never looked back.Can be used with a preamp also but I have always found it to sound more true to the source without the preamp and I have tried many excellent preamps with it.It's just more pure and clear.Drives the amp very well to more than enough loudness for most music lovers.
it is a mistake to not use a preamp.but i agree with confedboy acuphase is very good.
Audio Aero Capitole CDP (has volume control)
Cornfedboy & Kirk930:
Accuphase's honco had always argued & recommended that CD was not meant to be hooked directly to the poweramp inspite many people do so just because its got a higher level output. Its ultimately a source and hence must be used with the finest preamp one can afford (& mind you, the superior quality of the preamp has a direct relation on the overall sound).
dCS Elgar and Delius DACs have a superb volume control and can be hooked up directly to the power amps.
How about the Tjoeb 4000 with NOS tubes?
Audio Aero Capitole is phenominal!
I'm sure the argument will never end between preamp and no preamp. I've used an Accuphase DP-75 with a world class passive preamp, with a CAT SL-1 Mark III (with simplified signal path--Balance and Tape Monitor switches out), and straight into a power amp. I noticed no improvement in dynamics with the CAT, but much lose of transparency and detail. My passive (Shallco switches, Holco resistors, Stealth internal wire, Kimber Ultraconnect RCA's,ladder attenuator type) sounded much better than the CAT, but not as good as the DP-75 straight in. I now switch cables between LP's and CD's, and keep the signal path for each as simple as I can--and I'd advise anyone else to do the same.
I don't own it, but a friend runs his Levinson #39 directly into his power amp and loves it. It has an analog volume control (very important).
Linn Genki can connect directly to power amp.
OK>>>I well cast my vote for the wadia 861.Don,t underestamate the wadia, some may do some things better but the wadia does a great job on the whole job....
CAL Audio CL-15. It may not be the top choioce, but it's one of the cheapest (around $700 used).
Pass Labs DAC1 & cd w/digital outs
Technics DVD-Audio DVDA-10
Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 upsampling Player has subminiature tube analog output and remote control of volume. SUPERB SOUNDING!!
Theta Miles also has an analog volume control. One reviewer said he couldn't tell much differ3ence in sound with and without preamp and he had a very costly preamp. I don't recall what kind he had however. I have had the Theta Miles for a couple of months now but have not tried it without the preamp yet. I will try it soon but I don't expect any improvement in the sound. I am however interested to find out if it will hold its own against the preamp.
i just confirmed it from technics the DVD A-10 has a built in 5.1, pro logic, dd and DTS processor built in with volume control to compensate the apropriate ratios setup by the processor (user defined)