Graham users, what next for my 2.2 deluxe?

I am now a member of the Graham club, and will probably be upgrading to higher incarnations of this company's tonearms.
What are some things I can do, I already learned of the new bearing which I will probably purchase- no doubt.
Have graham users found it to work great with a specific cartridge or phono preamp or turntable?
I just made a purchase for the din phono cable- it's a Cardas golden reference, any comments?
Also I know I will be getting the phantom eventually but just wondering to those who made the purchase---------- well how is it?
I've had great success with Graham's Nightingale integrated wand/cartridge into the Aesthetix Rhea as well as the Herron MC phono stage. At a lower price point, the Lyra Dorian has worked very nicely into the same 2 phono stages.

Good Luck.

hi pedrillo
i too used a graham arm whitch started out as a 1.5
subsequent upgrades were made allowing the arm to become
virtually a 2.2
the performance was always very good and the upgrades do push the performance of that arm
read some of sirspeedys comments regarding fluid levels
i think you will find them very useful
i now own the phantom and find its performance quite staggering
by all accounts the new phantom bearing upgrade is well worth doing
i hav,nt done mine yet
the 2.2 is becming one of the best used arms out there
used prices seem to have dropped
enjoy the music