Grado Statement How Much Better Than The Referenc

I seem to be stuck on the rich, neutral, mellow sound of Grado cartridges. When it comes to moving magnet Grado is the way to go for me.

I have owned all the wooden series cartridges except the Statement and every time I upgraded to the next I was very satisfied and found it helped with the advancement of my system.

Now I'm using the Reference and I love it. I am wondering if it is worth going to the Statement the only one I haven't heard. It is more than twice the price of the Reference could the Statement be twice as good?

It's hard to believe that is the case as the Reference is really amazing. Have I reached a point of diminishing returns or is the Statement considerably better than the Reference?

Your comments please
In my opinion, in audio world starting with certain price doubling of it would not double the outcome of sound quality. However, I own the Statement and I do consider it one of the best carts that I ever owned.
Generally, you can expect smaller amounts of improvement as you get into the higher priced cartridges from any manufacturer. There simply isn't as much room to improve, once you reach an already high level of performance. Even though the amounts of improvement may be smaller, most folks think that these small improvements are worth the price, as they seek to get closer to perfection. It is basically a "diminishing returns" situation.

If you are really trying to get "top" level performance, you have to go up the "diminishing returns" ladder to some extent. It's up to you how far you wish to go.