Got the itch, oh no

Recently moved and now have a dedicated listening room (13x26 w/cathedral ceiling, Auralex soundproofing). System is currently a "budget-beater" combining components which sound great for their price point: Cary 308T into a Manley Shrimp into a McCormack DNA-125 feeding Tyler 7Us. Cabling is AZ and power cords are Shunyata. While enjoying the system immensely, I, surprise,would like to upgrade. My former system was a Unison S2K into Klipsch KG4 and I am missing the warmth and "thereness" of that previous system. However, with my new system I am enjoying the slam and control the DNA offers, not to mention the ear-splitting levels to which it drives the Tylers. Whatcha think?
I think you might want to think about those "(13X26....)" room dimensions. Room treatment or something like the TacT gear might offer you the best bang for the buck.