Got money in the bank. Please help

I have sold my speakers and have money in the bank.
Here is the problem, I AM NOT SURE WHAT TOP DO?

I want to get into a planer speaker. To be honest I would like to get some Martin Logan's but the almost NEVER come up on the used market in Canada (I live in BC). I just missed a pair of Aerius's and I am really disappointed.

I have $1000 Canadian or about $800 USD in the bank and I can stretch my budget to allow about another $200. If I wait longer I can add about $100 CAN or $80US a month, but I am wanting some speakers soon.

I am a lover of music and listen to pretty much everything under the sun other than rap and country.

My other gear includes:
Rega Planet 2000
Blue Circle CS integrated
BC 61 power cords for both CD and AMP
Monster Power 2600 (Not the best I know)
DMN reason interconnect with bullet plugs.
Going to buy some Goertz MI2 speaker cables

I would like to get some ML's wether they be Aerius or Scenario's ( or another ML if I can find and afford one that is). I would be like to try some Magnepan MG12's too, but I can't afford new ones and I have never seen a used pair in Canada. This really only leaves the MMG, but think it's below were I want to be (never heard it, just going off reviews and posts).

What should I do? Any recommendations? How would the MMG compare to the MG12 compared to the Aerius and other smaller Logan's?

Currently I am in a 10x12 room which is really bad in the low end. I am considering moving my rig into the main room 21x12 with large openings into other rooms. Then in about 6 months I am going to have a dedicated room in my basement (still have to build it). It will be 13.5 x 11.5, but because I will in a heritage home the ceiling will only be about 71" once I am done, but there will be acousitc treatment.

Sorry for rambling but have thought about this so much I have confused myself. I think I need an outside opinion so comments and opinions are welcome.

MMG's would work great in your 10 x 12 room, you will even have some $$$ left over for a decent sub and still fit your budget. Had them in my bedroom and they were fantastic. Go for the after market stands and raise them another 6 inches, will be very close to MG12's. Regards, John
I could think of plenty of ways to use your money. In fact, I could use it right away to pay my rent. Send it to me! That should take care of your dillema!

Canadian speakers would be the best value for you. Are there any planar speakers made in your country?

I have Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust.
Add another grand and it's yours!
Keep looking for your planars, sez me. They'll come up again. There were two pairs of Aerius on the last time I looked. If those are gone, there'll be more. Hang in there ! Took me nine months to get my turntable--you won't need as long for your speakers. Good hunting!
Take a look at the Decware RL1.5 radial speakers. I am a Maggie fan, just sold my 3.6's, and I know what kind of sound you want. Steve Deckert voiced these speakers using Maggies as a reference. They are fast like electrostats, image like Maggies, have a much larger sweet spot and, no comb filtering effects to boot. The size is not dominating in the room either. As an added bonus, they can be driven with small tube amps, if that is your flavor.

I am auditioning the 1.5's and I am floored by the sound. I can say this: With the sound of these speakers being so good, I can't see going back to Maggies. A friend of mine has the MG12's and he likes the depth the Decwares portray along with the highs from the ribbon tweeter.

I did listen to Martin Logans at 2 different dealers last time I was in Minneapolis. One of the dealers had them hooked up to the new McIntosh amps. I can't say that I was impressed with the sound in either location. But, that is the way my hearing calls it.

For $1295, I call this a pretty amazing feat. I am still in awe.

Hi Nick,

There are plenty of Aerius speakers in Canada, the trouble is they are worth more to the owner's than buyers are willing to pay. I have a pair of Aerius I use in my home office system, I wouldn't sell 'em for $1000 Cdn. What could I buy to replace 'em that would be anywhere near as good?

Best thing is to wait patiently, perhaps place a wanted ad here on AudioGon and on Canuck Audiomart. You may find a buyer who really needs to sell a pair and you'll be all set.

Good luck, Jeff
try this. if you find a pair of ml's in the US. You can wire the US funds to the sellers bank account. He can then ship them to a third party(UPS pick up station?)as close to the Canadian border as possible. You can drive across the border and pick them up. This worked when I sold an amp to a guy in Mexico.
good luck!
If you're lucky you might be able to pick up a pair of Quad 57s for around that price (though recently they seem to be selling for more). You'll sacrifice some low end response and some of the "dynamics" of box speakers, but there isn't another speaker remotely close in price that can do voices like the Quad or that is as neutral and realistic sounding.