Good Tech in North Jersey to upgrade myamp

Guys - Any good tech that can upgrade my capacitors in my Wyetech topaz amp- I do not want to send a 100lb amp back to Canada- But I also do not want the unit butchered- Any local NJ tech recommendations would be appreciated- thanks

Ben Jacoby at (HEAR) High End Audio Repair.

I have some friends who are very good diy builders and use Ben if they encounter an issue.
I've used Ben. Great service. Ben is an expert in hi-ed work. Yes, Ben is in Brooklyn. Worth the trip.
Topaz is a great amp. Still enjoying mine. When I bought it I had Roger install Teflon caps.

Have fun.
Hi Fluffers

How did you make out? One thing I was told though regarding your situation was a good tech cannot figure out the circuit. Unless one has a wiring diagram or service manual for your amp you may just have to send it to Wytech for service. not cheap but worth the effort.
Hey- Been busy with Bus. so have not sent it yet- there is a local tech here that said he can do it no problem- Just the thought and expense of shipping back and forth to Canada is not something I want to do- but may have to- thanks