Good SS amp for VR-4 and GFP-750

I would welcome any advice regarding a good (used OK) SS amp for von Schweikert VR-4's (which will eventually go through VR-5 upgrade) and Adcom GFP-750 pre-amp.

Listening room is 24'x16'x8'.

Looking at someting in the 1k to 3k range (would obviously prefer closer to 1k!). I'd also welcome cable suggestions.

Music preferences are very broad, but I listen to a lot of Cuban sons (generically, think of it as Latin Jazz, with all sorts of strings, horns, percussions, male/female vocals, ala Buena Vista SC), as well as a fair amount of Classic Rock (Led Zep, PF, Beatles, etc.)
A few times a year, I invite my employees over, and I need to reach decent sound levels for dancing.

thank you very much
Go for a MusicFidelity Acr3. i think it lists for 1595.00 and is 120 watts per channel. i litened to one last week very smooth and powerful..nice match fot the VS....its an English amp made in England they make good products..
I think you should seriously take a look at the Odyssey Stratos amp. See reviews by The Absolute Sound and look at the reviews on I purchased one of these after having amps from Adcom, Bedini, and Classe and I think it's one of the best buys out there. It sounds wonderful to ME. If you get one with the 120,000uf upgrade, it would run about $1295. The only drawback that I see is the wait to get one...but it is definitely WORTH the wait.
I'd look for a Bel Canto EvO 200.2(that you could monoblock later) or a McCormack DNA-0.5(Rev. A). Best of luck.

The best amp for any VSA is the Spectron Musician II.Albert will be using it at CES this year.If you are interested in one email me.
Odyssey Stratos Monoblocks. Very musical, detailed and produces a very wide sound stage. They can also drive a 1 ohm load.
I'd seriously consider a used Bel Canto eVo 200.2 or a Musical Fidelity A3CR. Both are Steriophile Class A. You can get the eVo for about $1400 and the A3CR for about $1100 used on Audiogon. I am in the process of auditioning both of these with my Adcom GFP-750 pre, Rega Planet 2000, and Rega P25 turntable. Haven't decided which one to go with, but I recommend focusing on the differnce in mid range presentation, and the difference between active-passive modes with each.