Good musical HT AV/Receiver

I would like to upgrade my older Pioneer VSX Audio/Video Receiver but really want something that sounds nice for just listening to music.

My wife says the Audio Research gear has to go in the living room so it's only the HT in the sunroom now. Ouch!!

So I hear good things about Onkyo. Also about the usual products from Yamaha, Denon, Pioneer, and I've always like Pioneer. However, after hooking up my Focals and Carver SW to the Pioneer, it really hurts to let the ARC stuff go.

So I was hoping there were some good sounding options out there to meet both A/V and music only.

4 speaker set-up with SW. Simple but nice.
If you could live with 2 channel and SW, I would suggest an Outlaw Audio RR2150 .

If 5 channel is the way you want to go, then Marantz 5005 .

Marantz SR8002.
I just bought an Arcam avr400 for both music and HT if your budget permits I would highly recommend it, its also HDMI 1.4.
I'm using the analog from my Oppo to the receiver for two channel stereo/analog music and using 5.1 for HT.
The best sounding receiver I've ever heard.

before that I was using the Marantz sr5004 its great musically it sounds mellow and warm, also very good for HT. Had to upgrade because my new speakers are a little more demanding than my old ones.
Both of these are 7.1
Good luck
Thanks for the inputs.
I've always thought Marantz made good gear and the recent reviews for the 5005 and 6005 sound very supportive.

I understand that Marantz and Denon are under the same corp and use some of the same components.

Any opinions on Marantz VS Denon VS Onkyo?
I keep reading reviews for Onkyo that many feel are near the top for sound and function.
I am really happy with my Integra 50.1 and my friend has the 40.2 and his system sounds great as well. I have Focal 836v speakers and my friend has Focal 807v speakers.
One more thought: anyway to continue using my ARC D-90 that's two channel and hook into a newer pre-amp?
I would like to keep the ARC for music but have the extra two channels in the back for TV and movies.
Out of these I prefer Marantz, since you like ARC look at the Anthem MRX500/700 great reviews on these, BTW, Marantz comes with Audyssey mic set up.
Thanks Tesseract, I looked at the Marantz SR6005 and it does show Pre-out for using an external amp. I may decide to go this way as I would like to still use the ARC for my fronts and could use the Marantz for the rears and SW.

I assume that the ARC amp will power-up when I start the Marantz? since that function is done by the ARC Pre now. The Marantz manual shows to use RCA's from the Front Speaker Pre-outs and connect to the external amp which I also assume would be the Main In, where the Pre is now connected. I run my front speaker cables from the external ARC amp.

Sound correct?