Good Inwall Speakers

I need to find some good inwall speakers for around 600 pair. I looked at B&W and M&K, does anyone have any sugestions. I read that you should have a enclosed back, and neither b&w or M&K do.
They do not get any better than Triad. Although SNELL now makes some phenomenal inwalls, at reasonable, everyday prices, Triad cover the spectrum!

Don't buy inwalls without checking into Triad.

The mechanical and electrical aspects of a driver have to be specifically tuned to operate without some type of a box enclosing them. If you try to do with a typical driver that is not specifically designed for it, the results are not very good.

We are going through the same thing on this end. One of my friends wants four stereo pairs of speakers spread throughout the house. They will be mounted into the ceiling, using the attic as the enclosure. She is not an audiophile and simply wants decent quality sound at a reasonable price. Since i can't find anything reasonably priced that works well, we are resorting to buying separate woofers that are designed for this type of installation with tweeters and manually mounting them coaxially. Seems like a lot of work, but it should work better than anything else that i've found at anywhere near the price. Sean
I'd have to agree with Dan. Triads are a bit pricey but sound fantastic! If you can't sell them Dan let me know in a month or so I might be inerested in them. j
ust spent a bit on an amp & preamp.
I have some Snell AMC700 and AMC650r. They really sound great are are specifically designed for the coloration introduced by being placed in the wall. The featues a tweeter lens that allows you to conrol the radiation pattern (works well). The 700 is fully enclosed. My understanding is that they are about to introduce two new versions of the AMC700. One will be small, the other larger.