Best inwall speaker 4000$ pair

Im searching for a full range in wall speaker to make a stereo system. For now i only check the martin logan voyage but another sugestion would be appreciated.
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I own in-wall speakers from Dali and I'm very happy with them. For ~$4k, you could get their Phantom Euphonias. Judging from my experience with various freestanding Dali speakers and from the Dali in-walls I own, I suspect the Phantom Euphonias sound fantastic.

Try Wisdom speakers. Good Luck.
Miracle Audio speakers are the only reasonably-priced flat wall speakers I've heard that have audiophile sound quality. The Wisdoms are great but expensive.
Joseph Audio makes some incredible in wall speakers that rival their award winning floor standers.
BG Radia might be more in your budget.
Ya, SA-500's and with this discount...

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... enough left over for a good sub or two. Necessarily in-wall? How large is the room?
Architectural "Diamond Reference" Series DR-ir8
by Philip R. Clements 1-602-437-4445
is the In-Wall/Ceiling successor
to the quite wonderful and long enjoyed floor-standing Clements RT-7.
Clements is a fine speaker designer whose only advertising program seems to consist of his website.