Good Home Theatre Mags?

My brother just finished putting together his first decent home theater system (with some input on me regarding speaker selection). Right now he's got a mid-range denon receiver and a whole bunch of nht super zeros plus nht sub.

I'm a two channel analog gut and don't know much about home theater. I'd like to get him a subscription to a good home theatre magazine, preferably one that regularly reviews not only SOTA components but also more realistically priced stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Home Theater
These are the two best known.

The Perfect Vision
I like Widescreen.
Not exclusively dealing with home theatre but the 'audio journal ' found on the web which is written by Richard Hardesty is probably the best sub you could give him...accepts no advertising and IMHO a tremendous tool for choosing the right kind(not just the right brand) of equipment for his tastes and as importantly, how to set it up
There is only ONE that seems to be unbiased and that is Widescreen Review.

A av rag that decalared sacd as sonically superior to dvd-a three years ago and has not to my knowledge changed there stance.
You can also find negative reviews of popular products such as Bryston amps ect that you will find no where else.
In other words they seem to print what they think whitout regards to loss of revenue.

Your best bet is to look at boards such as and see what actual owners of products think and what comparisons theve made ect.
But if you must use rags for reference....Widescreen Review at least calls it like they see and hear it.
The Perfect Vision. Easily the best. I should know as subscribe to all of them.