good diy preamp

have the urge. want to build a preamp and ultimately an amp. want to use tubes. can anybody offer any info such as kits, quality, where or who to buy from? any info will help
dpm2340 has been a great experience for me. Great fun to build and incredible sounding resuls. I strongly recommend checking them out. The kits are complete unlike others where you have to buy the parts.
+1 for Mingles recommendation.
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If you want a really nice preamp you should consider the #26 DHT. It's the best sounding preamp tube I've ever heard, still widely available, and not overly expensive. I built a preamp using it and the sound is fantastic - check out the "#26 Preamp" thread over the DIYAudio for everything you ever wanted to know abou this tube and lots of examples of different builds.

Here's a picture of my 26 preamp build, using Cunningham balloon 26s and gas VR tubes:

#26 Preamp

does this 26 pre come as a kit? I am not an electronic guru. yours looks very nice.
Not a kit. Straight DIY.
have decided on the audio note L2 with mods. thanks for all the input.