Good cartridge match for SME R3012 tone arm?

Hi have an SME R3012 tone arm and I'm looking for a good MC or MM cartridge match. Anyone with experience with this arm, your thoughts are most welcome. I don't have a particular price point but more interested in a perfect match.
Any SPU, Miyajima Shilabe, Koetsu, Supex, any heavier bodied, lower compliance cartridge will be a good match. That is a great tonearm -- look into the Analog Tube Audio mods available from Robert in Germany. They are well worth the upgrade.

Be interested in hearing how the ATA mods sounded on your SME arm(s).

Researched the Bronze Mod years ago, but passed due to what I read on the WWW.
Riz1, are you saying that this tonearm cannot perform well with other cartridges like the Dynavector XX2 ? Pardon my ignorance, I am a beginner in analogue and incidentally looking at the very same arm.
Dekay, can you please elaborate on what you read about the ATA mods ? I am considering a 3012 with ATA mods actually, hence the question.

I read that the Bronze piece added a dry nature to the sound.

At the time I was considering adding it to a 3012R, but ended up selling the arm and staying with my older 3009 non-improved.

This said, I could never hear a difference between the older metal knife edge and the later plastic knife edge models.
Dekay, are you talking about the Bronze bearing or Bronze base plate ?

The knife bearing.

Don't recall a base plate being mentioned, though just looked @ the site and checked it out.

I've never listened to any of the parts upgrades, just mentioning what seemed to be a believable review @ the time (which was years ago) and hoping to get more feedback from users.