Going from Dynaudio 220's to in wall? 8-

Need some help from the best and brightest!

Due to a kitchen remodel and downstream impact to a makeshift home theater I've set up, I'll soon be parting ways with my beloved Dyn 220's. In it's place I'm having to go to in wall speakers.

What in-wall speakers would most closely mimic the nature of the Dyn's? I'm planning on auditioning some of the Thiel's (PowerPoint, PowerPlane, etc.) and recently heard the Snell in walls. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the Snells sounded, but don't want to leave a stone unturned.

These will be installed in a relatively shallow but wide room. Budget is roughly $1-$1.5k, but would of course like to spend less if possible.

Anyone heard the Revel IW90's?

Best of luck.... sounds like you are inn the same boat I was in several years ago. I was forced by my now X cause she really didnt like the space my Maggies took up. I tried B&W, Klipsch, Epos, Definative Tech.... I was not satisfied with any of these. I wish now I never agreed to make the change cause now I cant afford a new set of 1.7's.

Good Luck
The Dynaudio IP-17's will be the closest thing to your Focus 220's, the tweeter is very similar, it has a 6.5 inch woofer, cast aluminum frame and separate 1 inch thick MDF baffle. The IP-17 is flat to 45 Hz in wall, the woofer was designed to work in a free air environment.the IP-24 is very good as well and is everything the IP-17's are but the 24 uses a 9.5 inch woofer and is flat to 40 Hz.
Can you fit a sub in anywhere? That will, of course, take care of the low end and open up a plethora of choices for the in-walls without having to fit in a larger woofer.