Gnesis V Owner Manual - Help

I have a pair of these magnificent speakers but have never had the owner manual to teach me how to maximize their performance. Can anyone help me get a copy? Thxs
That's a great speaker. I almost bought a pair myself. Try PS Audio for a manual.
On their website they do have a manual you can download for the 5.3, which includes placement instructions and various adjustments. You might try that to see if it has some applicability to your version, if you don't have the 5.3s.
Did you ever track down a manual? I acquired V's recently and cannot tell if I've set them up correctly. The 5.3 manual helped some but it's the external bass amp I'm particularly curious about. Thanks - Colin
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Did you ever track down a manual? I acquired V's recently and cannot tell if I've set them up correctly. The 5.3 manual helped some but it's the external bass amp I'm particularly curious about. Thanks - Colin"

I don't know of the OP tried this or not, but in my first post I suggested he try PS Audio. Paul McGowan regularly posts on their forums helping people with all kinds of issues. If you ask him, there's a good chance he may be able to help in getting you a manual. And, even if he can't, I don't see why he wouldn't give you some setup info on your speakers.
I recently got a pair of Genesis 6.1s used, and am spending a lot of time getting to know the speakers' controls and trying to maximize the sound. I found the manual on-line for mine has a lot of details and instructions for setting them up by ear are very similar, but not identical, to the instructions for all their models in the 5,6, and 7 series and have read them all. It seems to me that each manual (and so probably your missing one) adds one or two real nuggets of setup wisdom to its predecessors in time - not series - and that most of what you want to know will be found in the 7.2 and 5.3 manuals. There is much in common and a lot of technology is shared across these three series in terms of design, components, and electronics.

I also have recently dug through the 2 white papers Mr. Koh has on their website that go into much greater depth regarding speaker positioning and setup than any of the manuals. Both papers address speaker setup in general and not just their own, but clearly spotlights adjustments that can only be made if your speakers do not have features common to all these Genesis models: Features to support discrete adjustment of the midrange, tweeter, bass level and low-pass filters. The paper on positioning even has references to hi-rez recordings in each adjustment-type section and instructions as to what to focus on for making that correction.

I am working up a plan to use these white papers over the course of several months to dial in my 6.1s. That project is on hold for a while until I think I need to trade locations between my 2-channel and HT systems. My wife insists that means new paint and carpet first (sigh). My current phase is to learn how to operate all the controls and positioning variations to get the best sound possible in what is a very poor spot for a system capable of 16hz. As soon as my wife gets her pond of flesh I plan to move them into the main part of the living room along a 30' wall with at least 8' distance to side walls and lots of room to play with their locations. I have a laser level and measuring devices, sound level meter, etc. and do it all by ear.

One thing I have learned so far is that the best information on their site is scattered in little chunks across many PDFs. To get you started, I suggest that you download their 5.3 manual at

This contains the most helpful instructions as to how to get the best bass integration by balancing the bass-level and low-pass cutoff controls together. Other nuggets elsewhere buried are guidelines as to how to set them based on the composition of nearby walls, front wall treatments, etc.

Good luck figuring them out. I love my Genesis speakers already and I know they are in a terrible room, although the 5.3 manual did point the way for me to good-sounding bass down to 24hz (so far) along a 10' wall. Before going through the manual, I was worried that my right speaker was badly in need of repair because bass at any level sounded like crap.