GMA Callisto vs Reference 3a De Capo i

Im searching for my next upgrade, thus far my favorite is the Reference 3a de capo i. however when recently auditioning it with solid state equipment (Roksan Candy integrated) it sounded somewhat thin and harsh, i had only previously heard it with tube equipment and loved it.

Just yesterday i read 6moons review of the GMA callisto and was intrigued, particularily by comments made in the interview with the designer where he mentions that speakers featuring only a single capacitor as a crossover (like the de-capos) can cause a thin brittle sound with solid state amps due to the load they present...could the sound i was hearing that day be the result of the speakers design?

It seems that the Callisto rectifies any potential problems the decapo may have...cabinet resonances... it is even more time and phase coherant, and still retains a remarkably simple crossover...and they cost about the same.

only problem is no way to audition one, so any comments from people with experience of both?
I own the Callisto's and love the sound. I searched a long time to find this sound. You can do a home demo of the Callisto's by contacting Green Mountain Audio, but be prepared to keep them. I would not give mine up. Email me if you have more questions. GMA is a great company!
That does not make any sense at all. The DeCapos are a nominal 9 ohm load and are very easy to drive. I have heard them with several solid state amps, notably Sim Audio and Plinius, and they sounded very good. However, there is not doubt that they respond better to tubes and they are definitely not forgiving of up-stream components. Put a good tube amp on them and an excellent source and they are the best monitor speaker I have heard and by a big margin (sorry, have not heard the Callisto). Neverthelees, the DeCapos are definitely not for everybody. Then again, what speaker is.