Best Speakers and Cable for Gryphon Callisto 2200

I own a Callisto 2200 and I´m really happy with it, but I think the rest of my components are not the best partners and would like to find the perfect match for this amp, specially speakers and cable. My system is:
- Von Schweikert VR4 Silver (nice but huge and require biwiring, thought of Dyanudio Contour)
- Rega Jupiter + IO DAC (thought of getting Gryphon´s Adagio)
- Van den hul 352 hybrid shotgun biwire (very modest cable, tought of JPS petite superconductor)
Any clues?
Thank you
Hi. I had a Callisto 2200 few months ago, and I have tried some Dynaudio loudspeakers: Dynaudio Crafft (wonderful), Confidence 5 (not enough power), contour 1.3SE and 3.0. Nice sound in every case but the confidence 5. I used Ocos wires. Good luck.
I own the Callisto 2100 and a new (four months old, so still breaking in) Von Schweikert 4HSEIII loudspeakers.The new VSA's are remarkably good and outperform anything I have heard up to the 25K region. They IMHO destroy the Vandersteen 5's the big Logans, etc. But then with the Gryphon you have a wonderful basis for a system.
This combination is really remarkable. This is not ego justification, (I bought it so it must be good) but an overview of the musicality of the system. The Von Schweikert's bass is really deep and tonally excellent, expecially with the Gryphon. It's funny because a friend has the VSM Merlins with the Berning Amp, and the difference in pure musicality between his system and mine rivals the differences which exist in a new tight sounding piano, and a well broken in Bosendorfer. It is rich without sounding slow, and powerful without shouting at you, and extended in the highs without any hint of harshness. The dual ring tweeter, which extends out to 40K is as sweet as I have heard.
I am using the Kimber Select interconnects, 1020's and the Select Cables, 3035. Each of these are the copper/silver combination. That seems to be dynamic, and clear at the same time. I feel that in the right room the balance can be truly exceptional. In my current room, they are somewhat alcoved and there is a bass bump, not part of the speaker, but because of the room. With this much bass output they need to be into the room more than mine can allow. I am moving into a huge 18x20x two stories tall room. That will be interesting.They will have room to breathe, and for the bass to develop fully.
Gryphons make music, and so do the Von Schweikerts. YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS COMBINATION!!!If you would like more details you can email me privately.
Best Regards, and good listening.
Larry R. Staples
After a 10 years experience with Gryphon Callisto 2200+Dynaudio Confidence 5, I swear this is a very good combination (even with Dynaudio's own OCOS cable!) able of endless and dramatic improvements. For example, using SILTECH LS cables instead of OCOS (these "humble" LS 38G3 and LS 110G5 mk2 of mine) you get much more air, much more space, much more depth, a much better bass and a more realistic, detailed and harmonic music rendition, for all kind of music styles). The Callisto 2200 and the tiny ProAc's response 1sc, form another outstanding team (deserving better LS cables than OCOS). I have suffered those OCOS cables several years (the so called LOST YEARS) and when I awoke, I cried: Dynaudio did and does wrong recommending such an average and overpriced cable for their higher models (c1, c3, c5, c2, c4 are those Confidence models which I have once heard quietly). HQ mains cables improve things a lot (I've got hms and siltech chords; but I dream on bigger snakes). Better interconnects are exponentially noticed; I've got an absurdly expensive Gryphon reference XLR (sounds like a low-end Siltech) Kimber phono and old /not so old siltechs. Sources: Electrocompaniet EMC-1 cd and a basik Linn Sondek LP12 TT+Benz phono+Benz mc. As Linn's, Gryphon's products are ridiculously overpriced, but any of their first 4 integrated amps, Tabu or Callisto, was quite good business. However, I hate and I always hated Callisto's look ( most Gryphon's are badly ugly, nordic art!). Heureusement, if I close my eyes, that THING makes a great job with those Confidence 5 or with these ProAc 1sc.
Gryphon Cantata (if you're lucky to find an used pair due to out of stock from a lot of years) with the Gryphon's reference cable.