Glossary of terms for the audiofile venacular ?

Hi all
Where can I find a source for audiofile terminology, so as to better articulate my ideas.
Does one exist?
Go to They have a link called hifi glossary. That should help.

Here's One

Sure there are many out there.

Check back issues of The Absolute Sound. For example, the 1992/93 Guide to High End Audio Components has a great article entitled "How to Read The Absolute Sound". Unfortunately, you'll probably have to get this and others from your local library. Happy reading and listening.
There is a Chesky sampler/test CD that tells you what an audiphile term is and then plays an example that helps describe that term. For example, they describe "dynamics", tell you what it is, and play a very dynamic big band piece to illustrate it. They do that same thing with 10-15 other popular audiophile terms. It's worth checking out.
Thanks again for everyone's help