Getting a wireless music server right?

I'm hooked on iTunes and Airport Express. There is no hope of going back - so I need to optimize storage. What I do not understand is how I may set up a music server on a wireless network and make it work with iTunes from my laptop.
My guess is that I will just point the iTunes music folder to the storage device.

My main question is this - do I need NAS (or a true server), or can I simply use a hard drive connected via USB to my wireless router? I'm trying to figure out whether or not server control software is required.


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Why not use Slimserver on your laptop and hook to your wireless network.
You don't need NAS. A hard drive connected to your wireless router (I assume you are using Airport Extreme base station right?) will do. After the drive is mounted and showed up in the Finder, make an alias of it, rename the alias to iTunes and drag it into your Music directory.
Not using Airport Extreme Base Station. Using my old trusty Netgear G router.

This keeps me away from the AEBS:

Same for Slim Devices - I've heard a number of user complaints.

Perhaps I should accept that wireless could still use a little time. I guess relocating the router to the stereo rack with hard drive connected to USB DAC is the safer bet.

I just love the flexibility of Airport Express + iTues GUI + using my laptop as the ultimate remote!