Get a load of this Deceptive add for a Gryphon Amp here on AG

So the title is  Gryphon Essence Stereo Power Amplifier Pure Class A 5 Months Old.

You can read the description for yourself.

I make an offer on the amp. Below is the reply I get from the Seller. Maybe its just me but this kind of selling should be BANNED on AG.  Selling Grey Market gear without putting any of it in the description. Total BS...and he isn't even the owner of the amp.  He's in California but says he's selling for somebody else in Massachusetts.

Thank you for your offer that I can accept.
I have some things to explain:
It's imported, from out-of -US distributor.
Gryphon designed it voltage interchangeable, manufactured 220-240V, then set up by distributor's technician to US 120V so you can just plug ( the power cord ) and play.
Gryphon's warranty is not transferable, made very clear in user's manual Page 25. But don't worry. Whenever in need of service, just send to LA and I will take all things ensuing.
If these are fine with you please let me know then I will accept to proceed.
Will ship to you from Massachusetts by the current ( the only ) owner.

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