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Finally found THE SPEAKER!!!
@drewde you probably know my neighbor, Chris Flick - he’s a sound editor / mixer as well who constantly works at Skywalker Ranch. Congrats on your system! Hope the install goes / went well! Cheers,Evan 
@jpwarren58 I was wondering the same thing. LMK if you find out, I’ll do the same.  
Can flexible power cables sound good?
@isochronism By the same reasoning, it’s a well-known fact that ‘ebm’ is an acronym for ‘excellent bowel movements’ that occur blissfully at the pinnacle of countless live recordings of Eddie Van Halen guitar solos. Depends have been behind far mo... 
I was told to put Kitty Litter in my new speaker stands. Was he joking?
+5000 Tvad LOL 👏👏👏  🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 
Speakers which always sound good
@erik_squires Whatever you decide on, make sure you set the room up with 4 subwoofers, 1 in each corner. I think this might be just the sound you’ve been looking for.Sarcastically, Evan 
is this the greatest live band of all time?
Unless I missed something, not one person here has mentioned this incredibly tight group, Khruangbin. And yes, they can back their recordings with equally, if not more impressive live sets- in the present day!  
Why Don't More People Into Music Reproduction At Home Play Around With Musical Instruments
“I love flamingo...LOL then I bet you’d love flamenco music. Cheers  
Cat jumped on turntable
@geoffkait +10,000 points😹😹😹”... and she’s coughing a hairball, on Steven.” 🎶 
Everything a crossover has to do ...
@erik_squires looks like he cites ‘Binghamton University’ as the University with the anechoic chamber that corroborated his measurements in his first post to this thread. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of crossovers with us! Great post.-Evan 
Please Make Audiogon Cool
Hi Timmy,Pants have thoroughly been doused, thank you. Cupcake Cool sustained, just a little crispy on the top. Nothing a little extra frosting can’t cover up. Thank you dear, luckily I’m in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, away from the hil... 
Please Make Audiogon Cool
Good day Timothy,So I see; you're the best! Of the crumbs left back mid-west.Your people all flocked hereThought they'd act as their career.Blowing money on tickets; go see Carlos Santana;Hollywood Bowl population: more than Indiana.Now we're stuc... 
Anyone here in the San Fernando Valley area of LA?
Oyyy 2 years later... Any luck with the TT hunt? I'm a local in the Toluca Lake area. It could be the generational gap (just turned 31) between myself and other sound guys that's stood in the way of meeting folks more passionate about audio than I... 
Please Make Audiogon Cool
@noble100  hey man, as a 31 year old LA native, I feel as though I am in a particularly "cool" enough demographic to assert that you are, as the great Andre 3000 once exclaimed, "What's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!" You're one Ice Cold brotha... 
Do you guys like Adele's music?
Adele would be doing herself, and in turn, the universe a solid favor if she knew how to properly use her voice. Vocal cord nodules are avoidable to those that take the necessary precautions as a professional vocalist.adele ain’t my cup of tea.   
I lied to my wife about the price of Stax 009S headphone
😂 This thread 😂 I’m crying lol, so many downright crooked opinions expressed regarding spouses...But then with a single new post, the morality of the thread is redeemed! I’m not married, so I’ll sit my opinions out on this one-Ev