Genesis V -- how do they compare to bigger G's

Your first response may be "they don't compare at all". This, to some degree may be so. However they have same design heritage.In this regard,and relative to 300/350's, 200's(which I have heard on occassions and loved), what are the similarities and differences. I am seriously considering buying the V's and need the experience of Genesis fans, inviting any experience you might have with them. A comment particularly on detail/resolution, neutrality/dryness/warmth and coherence compared to the larger Genesis ribbons (or other speakers-Watt Puppies?)would be very much appreciated.Are they a warm sound?--a comment I have heard by some. Also what amps(s/s, valve or other)could you use at a minmum ($ cost value wise). I will to spread the $ around a bit

Please assume the room is big enough, source and cables are good and I like the "Genesis" sound.

All comment would be much appreciated.
I had a pair, could not live with the sound of the metal dome upper mid. As to amps, I would consider tube amps first.

The V's image like champs, and do not sound all that bad, except for that metal dome.....did I mention the horrid sounding metal dome?

Out of the whole V, 5, 501, 501x Genesis line I fell the V's are the ones to get, as the outboard amp is far stoughter construction than the plate amps bolted to the back of the newer models.


Paul :-)
The Gens don't sound all that bad? Are you kidding me? One of the best speakers I have ever heard. Period.

I will second the comment regarding the outboard amp on the V - the plate amps on the newer models are prone to failure.

I agree with the first responder.

I have heard the Genesis speakers, combined with Krell FPB 600's and the bass was awesome, but the highs were painful to listen to for any extended period.

Just my 2cents, BK
I won't argue with you on that - I doubt the Krell was a good match for the Vs. I started with a Threshold T200, which I loved, then opted up to a Pass X250 - great amp, but not the best match for the Vs. The sound lost some bloom, hardened a bit. They do best with an amp with a touch of warmth.