Garrard 401 vs. 301?

Anyone done any comparisons between the 301 and 401? If so, what are the meaningful differences? Thanks.
I have used both, right now I have a 401, I sold my 301. I used both tables with the exact same bearing and platter. I think the motor on the 401 is better. I got less noise with the 401. Overall I thought the 401 presented a more detailed picture with more "air". I hate to use those audiophile terms but that is exactly what I heard. So I sold my 301 and have not looked back.

Hope this helps, David
Thanks David. Was the platter and bearing you used for both tables from the 301 or 401?

If your 301 motor had more noise, then you had either a bad bearing, or an issue with the bearing alignment. Properly set up, a 301 motor is nearly dead silent, on the order of the drive motor in idler driven Dual models like the 1219/1229. Hush quite. A good friend has a Shindo 301 and loves it.

Kozzmo said he used "the exact same bearing and platter" for both tables. He did not say the 301 is noisy. He simply thinks the 401 is quieter and has more "air" and prefers the sound. I don't read it as a knock on the 301.