GamuT M230 Mono Amps - Anyone have a pair?

GamuT supposedly made only a handful of this model.  I bought them new several years ago.  To my dismay, GamuT labeled them with M200 labels.   Because I'm considering selling them,  I recently contacted GamuT to request confirmation by serial number that these are in fact M230 models.  The response was that they don't keep track of serial numbers.  Really?  For a unique run of amps that retailed at $16,000?  I do have the original receipt but that doesn't prove anything if GamuT won't back it up.

If you have a pair of these or know somebody who does, I'd sure like to know if they were all labeled M200.  I had the top off M200s and compared to the M230s.  Not the same hardware not to mention that the M230s have markedly better performance.  Thanks for any suggestions or connections.

For what it's worth, these supposed M200s (according to GamuT) somehow grew an extra couple very large capacitors per amp.  M200s only have 2.  I'd still like to hear from anybody who has a pair or is familiar with them, though.
Take photographs of the amplifier with the top off, the front, rear and sides. Send it to GamuT directly and or an authorized retailer and let them tell you.
Also, contact the retailer they were purchased from - you didn't state if you were the original purchaser. You should receive support independent of being the original or second hand purchaser / owner.
If you can't get the support your looking for, tell them you will share this experience on the internet. If they still will not provide you support, let us know so we recognize the lack of support provided.
Too bad - this past year I went to a intimate demonstration for a GamuT system which had the company developer and CEO fly in from abroad. Excellent event and very good performing gear - although the set up wasn't how I prefer (I prioritize imaging over bass response).
BTW - Pass Laboratories will provide detailed information, support and service on ANY product they've made to anyone who calls for it.


You missed that I said I purchased them new.  I didn't want to respond until I gave the folks at GamuT a couple more days.  They not only didn't respond to my 2nd email, they didn't respond to an audio associate of mine who knows them personally.  GamuT makes great amps but the company seems to have a tumultuous history.  I suspect that there's nobody there who was involved in the development of the M230.  Sad story that they can't even track serial numbers.  The amps were purchased in Jan. 2007 which, like dog years, is about 50 years ago in GamuT years.  I've owned GamuT D100s, a D200, a D3 preamp, a CD1 and CD3 as well as GamuT L7 speakers. The M230s are my last holdout..While I wouldn't purchase any more GamuT gear I have heard a lot of good sounding music through their products.


I am the GamuT dealer in Southern California.  I don't know where you live or where you purchased your amps, but if you email me your information and what you are specifically asking for I would be happy to try to help you.

You can email me at [email protected]


Thanks for your response, Bill.  I sent you an email with details.  Quite a coincidence to have another pa8r of M230 listed right now!  I've been corresponding with that fellow and hoping to get photos of his amp innards.  His have M230 decals.  I believe the ones sent to the USA were possibly prototypes.


I'm posting this just in case this ever comes up so somebody won't have to do the leg work I went through.  As best as I can determine, what was sold in the USA as M230 was a prototype to the M230 released in limited numbers in Europe which were actually labeled by Gamut as an M230.  The USA "M230" is in fact a souped up M200 that was never released as a distinct line.  M230s and my souped up M200s came with 4 capacitors like the M250, compared to 2 capacitors for the standard M200.  It does not have the larger transformer that came with the M250. If anyone can shed more light on this, please do but as far as I'm concerned at least now I can part with these and give the new owner the most accurate picture of what they are getting.  I'll keep photos of the insides on hand after I sell them in case somebody reading this might find them useful. Just send me a message per my Agon name or contact me at [email protected]
The amps have departed mu posession with no additional information to share.  In spite of promises, nobody who represented Gamut ever followed up with any helpful information.