GALLO Reference 3 Owners

I had the pleasure from my local dealer to demo at home for a week the Gallo Reference 3 speakers with the BAM Bass amp.
I have to say I am impressed.Not bad for for the price point.The SA amp is a must add on for them,and I would recommend the Bright Star Stands..even though I don't have them I did raise them up 6 inchs on blocks.Way better imaging and seperation,and placement of insturments...Anyway the only (slight) fault I have noticed is somewhat of a resonance and brightness from the mid range spheres.I would like to know if anyone else picked up on this observation?
What I did was to add some electrical tape strips to the midrange spheres.On the top ones put a piece from one side to the other in the middle of the stainless sphere,and on the bottem ones I put a strip on either side at mid point of the stainless sphere..
Worked great...Better midrange focus,detail,and no more resonance with that brightness especially with guitars.
Since I do have somewhat of a big room,I liked the crossover set to 120(some might like 100 because there is a hole between lower mid and upper bass)and I have the Booster Control set to +3.
Speakers really locked in nice....
Looking foward to hearing from other Gallo Ref 3 owners and their experiences.


I have owned my Gallo Ref 3's for about a year and a half, and am completely satisfied with their performance. I have not experienced the resonance and brightness you suggest. I wonder if it might be caused by any of your associated equipment. What were you using besides the SA amp? FWIW, I have found that the Gallos work particularly well with tube amps. Also, I do not currently use the SA amp. It was not available when I bought the Gallos and I never got around to buying one. Based on your recommendation, maybe I'll give one a try.

I switched from Quad ESL-63s to the Gallos, and have not seriously considered changing speakers since, although I do think the Zu Druids sound intriguing...

I sold mine, as they were never convincing in the midrange department. They're also not terribly dynamic. But oh those tweeters. . .
I am using Manley tube monos and a Manley tube preamp...I also brought them over a friends house and he heard the same from his Exposure 16 monos with 17 pre.
Even though your are satisfied!!Give the tape tweak a try anyway.It's amazing what you hear and don't hear....
Takes only a minute to do and some cheap electrical tape.
Put it on and listen to some of your very favorite CD's..The ones you know the best,be it 1,2,3 cd's then take off the tape and re-listen to them....Let me know what happens.
I sold mine too and I have to agree with Miklorsmith..the mids sounded a little shallow but what Fantastic detail! AND The highs were sweet and extended, possibly the best tweeters I have heard. Just not a very rich or warm speaker. They did do a wonderful dissapearing act...