Gallo Due

I was thinking about buying 5 Gallo Dues and a Gallo subwoofer for a HT system.How do the Gallo Due sound?
You referring to the Micros and the MPS150 sub?
The do's and don'ts that have to do with the Gallo due should be discussed before doing anything that has to do with this product. Before you do or don't do anything to do with a Gallo due do talk to someone. The Gallo do does do many things that others do not do, so we should discuss some of those things without further ado. If you do buy the Gallo due do not do what the Gallo due manual warns against doing. That is to say doing nothing is better than doing something you shouldn't do when it comes to the Gallo due.
They sound like the old Solos and Reference line on the top end, but they don't have bottom end. You will definitly need a sub. They need break-in time, so make sure when you audition them they are not right out of the box. Use equipment that is smooth/warm and not bright or etched. The Gallo tweeter will tell all. You don't need power. These things are 93db efficient! They should work better near walls than the older models, because the tweeter only radiates 150 degrees. The original models need to be well out in the room for the 320 degree tweeter to work best. If you have the space, I would go for used Solo or Reference speakers across the front and opt for Due surround arrays. If you have a small room and/or space limitations then go all Due.