Gain adjustment on Pass Xono?

Pass Xono: The gain still seems too high. Anyone have experience with adjusting the gain on the Pass Xono? The instructions in the owner’s manual are a bit confusing for me. Removing the top plate exposes a pair of blue jumpers for the left channel and a pair of blue jumpers for the right channel.

Each jumper has the capability of totally covering a pair of pins (bridged position). I currently have all four jumpers in the bridged position. Is this the lowest gain setting possible for the Xono? If not, how do I adjust the jumpers for a lower gain setting?

I own the Xono and am currently experimenting with different gain settings. The lowest gain is attained by having both jumpers per channel in place. With that setting, you are down 14db.
You are missing the forest (system) by focusing on a tree (one component). Too high or too low gain depends on the output of the cartridge + gain of phono pre + gain of pre + gain of amp + efficiency of the speakers.

I'm assuming the Xono is the new component so you are focused on it, but if the gain of some other component was lower you would be OK. Before adding a component you should do the calculations to see whether or not it will give you too much overall gain.

BTW by "too much gain" I assume you mean you can't turn the volume up very far before it gets too loud; and yes, that does compromise the overall performance.