GAH demoing SR ICs and I can't decide

You can check my system info out here on audiogon.

I'm demoing Accelerators and Acoustic Reference.

I started with Accelerator between the amp and pre, and the Acoustic between the pre and cd. I let them settle for a few days and absolutely loved the sound I was ready to just buy them and not even bother demoing the others. I did notice that on a couple of discs it seemed ever so slightly overly 'bloomy' in the midrange.

So I swapped the acoustic out for an Accelerator between the pre and CD. I noticed right off that this combo sounded much flatter and a bit thinner and some details and air missing and soundstage shrunk.

I let them play for a few days before passing judgement though and they did open up a lot.

But I missed some of the attributes of the accoustic, including the warmth.

So I swapped those back in and while I gained the things I missed back, now I missed some aspects of the accelerator and things seemed too rounded. It's like it needed a bit more speed and midrange slam.

I'm wondering if it's because they'd been out of the system for a few days and moved about the room a few times and coiled back up into the box and needed time to settle back in again?


I almost wonder if the precision reference would be a better balance with the acoustic reference than the accelerator is but I can't afford the precision yet.

this is so hard. lol.

Does anyone know how SRs upgrade path works? I know if you buy new through an authorized dealer you get lifetime upgrade value towards future cables.

I was thinking bet the accelerator and acoustic now, then later upgrade the accelerator to a precision and then eventually replace the acoustic with an apex. It would be a shorter upgrade path than starting with two pairs of accelerators.

hmmm... so I did some reading.. and it seems that if you disturb the cables any, especially the reference series and up, it changes the sound and collapses the soundstage etc.

I've been moving these in and out and tossing them around the room (not literally).

So I've put hte acoustics back in and I'm just going to let them sit and play and rest and play and rest and not touch ANYTHING. And then see if that bit of muddiness goes away and the slam comes back. I'm betting it does.
Hi Adhaney, that is correct. They need at lease 72 hours to settle in those cables with the active shield on and active. Even Synergistic recommends this. They get even better after a week and after 400 hours sublime. Moving them puts them close to square one.

The Acoustic Reference I/C does have a warm/bloomy midrange for systems that have neutral or lean equipment and/or speakers and someone that wants to add warmth. The Apex is the next giant leap up and I think is very worth the upgrade on your CDP. The jump between Accelerator and Precision Reference on Pre to Amp is not so much an upgrade. Some improvements in clarity, soundstage and high frequency presentation transparency will be realized. Personally, I would get the Accelerator and get an Apex on CDP either now or later as an upgrade. The Apex is more on the warm side of neutral with great dynamics, layering and soundstage over the A.R. You can borrow on from your dealer.

The Acoustic will take time to settle and you may be happy with your original plan of the Accelerator/Acoustic Reference. Just let it all settle for a week and then go back and listen. Frequently taking some time to listen in between as well so you become familiar with the burn in process.

Wait until you add Synergistic speaker cables, powercell and powercords. You are in for a real treat!
Accelerator and Acoustic reference ordered :)