Fun trying new power conditioners-long

I have recently compared the Hydra-8 (which I own) to the top of the line Sound Application (SA), Walker Velocitor Splus, and Power Wing plcs ( all of the people who made them were excellent to work with.). My thoughts are IMO/IMS/IME. I mostly compared the above plcs for my sources/preamp, and I already have four dedicated lines with upgraded outlets. My journey started because a friend let me try the SA, saying that in his system, he thought it was better. The SA sparkled up top more than the Hydra, but I felt the SA had less weight and bass, overall thinner. I preferred the Hydra to the SA, but the comparison taught me that the my Hydra does roll off treble/high frequency ( I had heard this before from others but did not understand this until now.) For fun and before returning the SA, I tried separating my digital (EMM DCC2/CDSD) from my analog (Audionote M-10/ turntable motor). I did not expect much, considering that the Hydra-8 has separated digital and analog outlets. The difference was so vast ( more air, dynamics, and soundspace) that I was astounded and I was very tempted to stop here and use the Hydra for digital and the SA for the analog ( this configuration did best.) But I felt the SA was too forward for me and I wanted a more relaxed, natural sound. Thus now convinced that IMS, the Hydra8 (I still love) really does not separate digital from analog noise effectively, an upgrade to my sound would be to have separate PLCS for digital and analog (alas more $$). So reawakened from audio complacency/ignorance about plcs, I did research by talking with people and going on line to try other plcs ( the amount of people who know so much about AC power and the generosity was fun to see.).

I next tried the Velocitor. This plc was a hit the instant it got in my system. I tried it with all of the sources and preferred it to the Hydra. However, in combination with the Hydra, the sound was sublime ( even more air , dynamics, very natural). The Velocitor was staying. I then theorized, since IMS the hydra was rolling off the very top frequencies, what if I tried another plc in combination with the Walker. I chose the Power Wing ( I also wanted to try Audio Magic but it I had to send it back because of Fedex damage- I will try it later.) In short, the Power Wing (which is already burned-in and cryoe'd by design) for either digital/analog combined with the Walker ( also on either source) sounds the best so far. I found all the I tried PLCs well made, excellent sounding, all did something different to my ears. I also found that of the plcs I tried, none of them effectively separate the digital from analog sources by themselves. It could also be that there are complementary/different technologies that allow plcs do their thing best for different sources. I will let people smarter than I debate that.
...just curious...did the powerwing you tried have the oyaide outlets or was it the standard..previous ...version? the oyaide version...which allows one to specify which of the oyaide outlets to have installed in the reviewed currently at 'positive feedbacks'website...and is better then the original version....i do agree with you that it is superb..mine is currently being upgraded to the oyadide version with 4-'xxx' outlets and 2-'dx' outlets...can't wait to hear the improvements..
I one I am trying is the updated Power Wing with the Oyaide outlets and it is superb. It has the three different outlets. I have not heard the original version. I found the neither Power Wing nor the other plcs, IMS, sound better alone than in combination with another plc.
Hi, just had a couple of questions. When you had the Power Wing conbined with the Walker Velocitor and you find your best configuration- can you clarify the configuration - meaning what was plugged into what? (including what sources were plugged into which outlets on which PLC?)Also, what power cord were you using to connect the Walker to the Power Wing? Thanks and great info. - Arnie
Just curious if anyone has tried the BPT 3.5 Signature or Signature Plus. It is a very good conditioner - my system was transformed with this conditioner on the front ends. I would like to get feedback on how it compare with the Hydra 8 and others.
I have owned the BPT 3.5 Signature, and now own the 3.5 Signature Plus. This balanced power conditioner seems to just do it all "right". I must admit, I have gone back to running my monoblocks through the BPT rather than their own dedicated 20A circuit per monoblock, due to the more than slight sonic improvements.

I think BPT has a 30 day trial, however, I think they took a good two weeks to fully "settle in" as they go through some anomalies in the frequency extremes as they break in.
When I combined the Sound Apllication with the Hydra, the anaolg with the SA and digital with the Hydra sounded best. It did not seem to matter with the Power Wing/Walker combo which had the digital or analog. Of note, I have not yet experimented with plcs on amps. On the Power Wing, I slightly preferred the Palladium over Gold outlet, but I thought the other two were excellent also. WRT to power cords, I am currently experimenting with the Elrod Statements, Epiphany X, Kubala-Sosna Emotion, Acrolink pcs, and I am expecting the Prana Maha-Samadhi. I will post my experiences with the power cord/plc combinations later.
Another conditioner to add to your list to try: Isoclean. I also been playing around with diff conditioners including the Old Hydra, the current Hydra, SA XE-12S and the Equitech. The SA stay in my system the longest coupled with the Elrod Statement - to me it sound more musical and quiet than the Hydra or the Equitech.

But when i borrow the Isoclean Filter, it best the SA - much much more quiet, amazing separation and details emerge from my system. I plan to finish out to the whole Isoclean set up which is kind of steep but well worth it in my opinion (Whole Isoclean set up with Filter, Transformer and Power Cable run ~ $10K retail but you know that nobody pay retail now a day...)
My experience mirrors yours pretty much.

2 conditioners best except i have no LP so i separate digi w/ pre + power. depending on my cables, i find i prefer one combination to another. also, i've used active conditioners (Hydra 2/8, Audience adeptResponse etc), w/ Passive (Audiomagic/Velocitor etc)as well as power strips (BPT PPC or QRT Q-Bar or Oyaide MTB-6 etc). All 3 types provide different sounds/benefits. My preference is a passive or active for digital (reduces noise floor but slows down timing a bit) w/ power strip on amps - no dynamic limitations. I'm still searching for a one box solution which is cheaper/tidier but i'm not sure it exists.

Finally, a trick to try is to run your two conditioners in one running off another. the results are even quieter backgrounds but too much for my taste. Best running the power strip to wall and active/passive off the strip. And of course, isolating your power conditioner will further improve again.