Front end system for music streaming

I am not sure if this posting is in the correct forum.
I need help in understanding the setup options for a system. I am looking at Sim Audio 600i with M1i Monitors and a Rel R-528 sub woofer. I am tossed between Cambridge 851C or the Sim Audio 380 (due out in Sept). Anyway, I have no real music collection at this time except what is on my i-pod.
I am very interested in what is happening with music streaming from the internet. So I plan to start there. With this in mind, do I need a PC or some other device to manage the music from the internet? What recommendations do you have? Many thanks!
PC can be problematic to get good sound quality, although its possible.

I recommend late 2009 Mac Mini (MC238LL/A macmini3,1) with internal SSD and Amarra playback software version 4318/19. This is a superb source which has won multiple best of shows. See for more info:

The Mac Mini driving USB cable to good low-jitter USB converter will get you the best digital source. This is actually more important than the DAC. A good S/PDIF cable is needed from the converter to the DAC below.

For budget DAC, I would recommend either Metrum Octave or Wired for Sound DAC2.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
using the cambridge audio 851C would be a good option, combine that with a cambridge audio NP30 for your network streaming. Take the dig output fron the np30 to the 851C dig input. That will allow for audio upsampling... then analog out to your pre. The beauty of the cambridge audio units is their flexability you only need internet access(wired or wireless) You would have 20 thousand FM stations plus many streamed services (pandora,aupeo etc)
Great reviews are starting to come in regarding the 851c as a CD player
I need to disclose that I am a Cambridge audio user and dealer, if I can be of any help feel free to e-mail me
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So does the NP 30 eliminate the need for a PC? How do arrange play lists via the internet like on Grooveshark?
A Squeezebox touch would work. You could control it with an iPad or iPhone. Ipeng is a great app.
Internet radio, MOG, Slacker, Pandora etc. + ability to use a USB drive. No computer necessary.
The NP 30 is interesting..I need your email address...
yes the NP30 does not require a PC to use but u need to reg it on line to use all its features
Simaudio will be offering its MiND streaming system as an upgrade in the 380D. This will allow you to connect the 380D to your computer or Network Attached Storage device via your home computer network (via Ethernet cable or wirelessly - high def is not supported on wireless, I don't think). Using the Simaudio MiND system will allow you to access and control your entire music library, and your 600i (through a Simlink cable between the 380D and 600i) with a single app on your iPad. In theory, using the MiND system to stream your data directly to the 380D should give you better sound than using an S/PDIF or USB (which add jitter) to carry a digital signal to the 380D from a computer.

I'm anxiously waiting to see what the MiND software interface is like myself!
Any idea when the 380D is due out?
I heard September, so it should be really soon.
Just spoke with my Simaudio dealer. Apparently there has been a delay in releasing the MiND system as they work out a few bugs in the software. Should be soon, though...
My dealer is expecting it to arrive at the store in early December. He placed an order a couple weeks ago with Simaudio.
Just picked the MiND 180 up to demo today. Will post comments on performance soon...
Did some serious listening to the MiND 180 last night. Sonically it does not disappoint! It is easily as good if not better than playing a CD through the Simauido 650D. More to post on it in a different thread.