From 2 EC AW220's in mono to 1 in stereo

Yesterday I moved my setup from 1 room to another as I had planned and thought about using only one of the two Electrocompaniet AW220's to drive the speakers and sell the other one (or both).

I've got a Musical Fidelity A308CR preamp, the two EC AW220's with a pair of B&W 703's. The source is a Sony CD player and probably the next thing to upgrade on.

So far I haven't plugged everything in and would like to hear some opinions on what you guys think the difference in sound will be, if any, before I listen to is myself.

Before I forget, i don't like to listen to very loud music, so i don't really turn that big knob on the pre up to far. About half of the scale is usually to loud already.

Here some specs for those of you who understand these things better the I do.

Rated Output Power: 220 W @8 ohms (mono); 70 W @ 8 ohms (stereo)
Output impedance: <0.01, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Maximum peak current: 60A
Input impedance: 165 kOhm (mono), 330 kOhm (stereo)
THD (1kHz half power, 8 Ohm): <0.006% THD (1kHz -1dB, 8ohm): <0.007%
Noise (both inputs shortened): 90dB

I did post about my problem with the sound being somewhat cold before with bass missing and that's why I'd like to change things and possibly sell the amps. Don't want to make things worse by using them in stereo mode of course.

Well, Lets wait and see what you guys will have to say. I'll be patient