HELP chord 1200b or electrocompaniet aw220

I am still looking for a power amplifier to drive my sonus faber grand piano homes. I managed to get a good 502 meridian preamp at a really cheap (?)price ($600). My room is medium size.

Rather than just go for the obvious match with a meridian 557, I think I can do better with either a pair of EC 220 or a chord 1200b currently for sale. Both a class above the 557, I think!

In my shoes which of the two would you go for? assuming that both are being sold at roughly the same price +/- $300!

Is this a no-brainer? Any views welcome!

The Electrocompaniet. I haven't heard but one Chord and I have heard a few Electros. The Electro brought me closer to the music.
I have owned a 502 for 5 years. It has been a great purchase. I have tried many pre-amps - most far more expensive but the 502 has remained. I have tried the 502 with a Chord SPM600 and it was not a good match. The corresponding Chord pre-amp CPA2200? was a far better match. IMO the Chord preamps are better than the power amps. As far as matching power amps to the 502, last year I auditioned many power amps and ended up with a Musical Fidelity A308CR. This is a good combo. The slightly forward nature of the MF makes up for a very slight darkness in the Meridian. You will get real body, weight and clarity in the sound.