FR-7F and overhang

I have the Fidelity Research FR-7F cartrdige which I am enjoying very much. SInce this cartridge comes in an integrated headshell, one cannot adjust the overhang of the stylus. So, my question to those of you using the FR-7 cartrdiges, how much overhang is there in the FR-7 and do you compensate the pivot-to-spindle distance of your toenarm to meet the oevrhang of the FR-7?
I am currently using my FR-7F on my Micro Seiki MAX282 tonearm with the heavy J-Arm XP-282AU. I do have the FR-64s also but am selling it to try and upgrade to the FR-66s.
All you can do is ensure that the spindle to pivot distance of your arm is correct. Overhang should then be correct.
With the Fidelity Research arms you will have no problems as the cartridge was really designed with these arms in mind. Just ensure that if you mount the FR-64s to make the P to S distance 231.5mm rather than the manufacturer's recommended 230mm.
Dear Ddriveman, in your MAX-282 with 282-AU (J-shaped) armwand the FR-7f will follow Löfgren B IEC calculation curve if the MAX-282 is mounted according to manufacturer's specifications.
The very same applies to the FR-66s when mounte din 296 mm P2S.
As Halcro already pointed out - there is no way to adjust overhang in the FR-7f ( or most any other integrated headshell MC (EMT, SPU etc.)).