fosgate fap t-1 processor

Has anyone experienced FOSGATE FAP T-1 processor?I'm thinking about getting one.Thanks.
I have one, and I like it. Because it is my first separate pre/pro, my experience is limited to only Fosgate Fap T1. Prior to that, I was using the Yamaha RX-V1400 as a pre/pro. Not to be bias or to demonstrate the halo effect, I can tell the improvement from the Yamaha receiver used a pre/pro and the Fosgate as the real pre/pro. On the Fosgate, I can adjust the treb and bass easier than on the Yamaha. However, the Yamaha also had many convenient features, which I missed. For example, the Fosgate does not the component video up-conversion. This feature is important to me because I have a plasma hung on the wall, and running numerous video cables up the plasma is not appealing. I didn't read the manual, but it seems that I cannot do 7-channel stereo on the Fosgate unless the audio input is a stereo analog RCA. The Yamaha would allow me to listen in 7-channel stereo mode regardless whether it audio input was RCA, coaxial, or optical. I know that many audiophiles refer 2-channel primarily over any other preference. However, to change the listening mode based on some recording CD or DVDs, listening in 7-channel stereo sometimes was pretty good to my ears. All my speakers are hung on the wall, and that means that they are not the traditional box type. According to the audiophiles, such design is not optimal. However, given the spec and $ spent, my wife and I are very satisfied. Of course, I admit that there is for improvement, and we recognize that the sky is the limit. I hope this helps somewhat.