Fosgate Signature Phono Pre question

I;ve emailed Musical Surroundings with the same question, but didn't quite get the answer i want.
Is this phono pre switchable between 110v and 220/240 v on the unit itself, or do I need to specifically buy a unit made for my voltage? (240v - Australia)

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I do not believe it is switchable. I am in the US and mine has printed 120v 60hz on the back.
Thanks Lostbears.

I assume you are happy with yours? I have read some good user reviews, although most users seem to have to roll tubes to maximise it's potential. Nothing wrong with that mind you.

I have since found out that I can buy a unit with voltage set at 240v from a dealer here in Australia, I asked because there is a unit on ebay at the minute at a decent price, but it is also 120v. I may have purchased if it was switchable.

I do not own the Fosgate. It is a dealer demo that I have had for the last 3 weeks or so. I am waiting to hear the ARC Ref phono 2 which he is getting in. That said I like the Fosgate a lot. I have seriously thought about buying it.

But it can be very sensitive to noisy tubes. You really need to use very low noise tubes. I have a Clearaudio Innovation Wood Compact with Universal arm. The cartridge is a Benz Wood M2. The Benz is a medium output moving coil. The Fosgate has an organic feel while still being very detailed. I have also tried the Moon 310, Nova Phenomena and Sutherland 20/20. The Fosgate is by far my favorite.
I have this phono stage. The voltage is not switchable. I did extensive tube rolling with vintage NOS tubes (Telefunken, Mullard, and Amperex; I spent a small fortune). I found that the stock tubes were better suited for it. However, I thought the included optional 12AT7 to swap with the 12AX7 was more to my liking. The bass response with the 12AT7 was tighter. Very rich and juicy sounding phono stage. Also very very quiet.