For those of you who have Piega speakers...

What kind of gear are you powering them with?

How would you characterize the sound?

What gear were they allergic to and why?

Any info would be welcome!
I had a pair of P10s. I tried them with medium power tubes, high power tubes and SS. They do tend to come alive with more power. I liked them with a Plinius SA-102, but ultimately settled on a pair of Canary CA-160 monos which really made em sing.

I would characterize the sound as very neutral, but never bright or unforgiving. They have excellent response at both extremes and can play as loudly as you care to listen. I have since moved on, but the P10s still rank up there with the best I have owned.

What gear were they allergic to and why?

What gear: My Ears

Why: Ribbon tweeter, metal enclosure.
I can't even fathom such a comment about Piegas. I have only heard two models, but still, some of the best sound out there.
Restock: Can you recall what set up you had them/heard them in? Which models they were? Thanks!

Shakey: Thanks! This is helpful. It seems like you started with some great kit right out of the gate w/ them. Did you experiment w/ cabling at all?
I only used them with Starsound Sonoran Desert Plateau cables. I didn't feel the need to experiment further, like some speakers need to be attenuated or tuned to taste. Like I said before, very neutral and true to the source.

I hope this will be some help but a warning, ignore most of what I say as I am a piega a dealer. However long before this I bought piega p8ltd as a private individual because I loved the sound - ribbons - the speed and air to my ears is hard to beat. The audio business is my passion, but in my spare time I am a surgeon.

I have had them in my home for over 11 years and could have a lot of other speakers but have no desire to switch.

As far as equipment I have had many different things in my system. I find they like solid state amps more than tubes but have them work well with 30 watts of tube power - less is not great. Certain solid state amps I did not care for, these tended to have lots of watts but were not very musical. Preamps can be tube or solid state, I have had both sound very good but if one characterized the solid state preamps they are more on the tube side of sound.

As for cables they are very good at distinguishing between cables but it is very much personal preference. Very fast sounding cables are not a great match.

Overall I too find the speaker line very neutral, open and accurate - though not overly accurate.

I have not mentioned brands because I don't like to thing I am plugging x,y or z. If you have more questions drop me a note. Happy to chat

Good luck, I have enjoyed mine for many years
Sorry for the sparse negative response above - that was not really justified.
My personal choice is really not for ribbon tweeters overall, as I can alway
detect a lack of coherence (in terms of detail, texture, imaging) across the
crossover region. The only ribbon tweeter I can fully live is the one in the
Verity Sarastro.

I would prefer solids state amps with the Piega (Karan, Pass), also Class A
amps. I find tubes tend to exaggerate the differences between the standard
drivers and the ribbons. Also the bass drivers in the Piega really do need the
control of a well-damped good solid state amp. The ones I heard are P8 and
I am running a pair of Piega C3 LTD with Viva Solista Lt, a 18w tube integrated from italy. I enjoy the sound a lot. I think it has the best tweeter I have ever heard.

I am also curious about what other amps (ss or tube) could make Piega sing? Ayre, Accuphase, Pass?
I have the C-10 ltd. Great speaker! I love ribbons (having owned Apogees, Genesis and Selah line arrays) and the Piega ribbons are some of the finest out there. Very natural, open and airy sound, neutral, transparent and fast. Strings sing. The coaxial planar ribbon mid/ tweeter is very coherent to these ears. Voices are extraordinary.

Yes, the Piegas like power and current. I've had best results with modified Tact amps and the Aloia (not a lot of watts but decent current and a great synergy). They need some space or absorption to the sides, in which case they don't sound bright, just lots of natural detail and superb detail.
I have C8s and AP3s.

Components that work for me: Pass X150.5, Audience AU24 speaker cable, Cardas Neutral Reference (although a little muddy in the mid bass)

Components that don't work for me: Nordost Heimdall speaker cable (although I love them and the Frey as interconnects).
On my C8 LTDs I've tried both Canary 160s and the VAC Phi Beta integrated. Both amps sounded amazing. I'm guessing VTLs would work well too.