B&W N800 vs Piega C10 Limited

I am considering to get "Piega C10 Limited" or "B&W N800", and will run it with Krell FPB400cx. I would appreciate it if Audiophilers those have experience with them can help me with information about comparison between these two speakers. Thanks much
Piega looks nice, but an 800 looks better. But you cannot compare these 2 loudspeakers. The 800N is superior comparred to a Piega C10. Just listen to it and you will understand.
Lenox is 100% correct.

The B&W 800 Nautilus (800N) is a superior speaker in all facets over the Piega C10 Limited. Sound, looks, design.

300lb construction on per 800N speaker. The Piega weighs in about 100lbs each. There is no comparison. The B&W 800N reigns supreme over the Piega C10 Limited.

I had owned the Piega C10 Limited for a short time. Then had an opportunity to buy a pair of B&W 800N. The best purchase I ever made in Hi-End audio. Can honestly say the B&W 800N is sure to be a classic and a great speaker overall.
It's silly to think that weight makes a speaker better. There are two ways to create a speaker cabinet: high mass and low rigidity or low mass and high rigidity. In the first case, the resonance of the cabinet is below the threshold of hearing, in the second it is above.

The real question is not how much the speaker wieghs but how it sounds. So the B&W N800 sounds better than the Piega C10 Limited? In what ways?
Although the weight of the speakers does not necessarily suggest a better sound, 300lbs is a testament to the substantial amount of physical engineering that's gone into the design of the N800 nevermind the amount of background research and technology that's gone into its creation.

As for soundwise whether it sounds better than the Piega or not, I would leave it for others to comment since I've not heard of the Piega.
A friend od mine had a small concert room with a Steynway. There is place for about 65 people. He gives concerts with a maximun of 4 players. Here I learned how small a voice of a woman can be. It doesn't matter where you are, you can exactely point out where every person stands. A voice is very small and direct. I have listen to so many speakers in mu life. The 800N and other Nautilus speakers can give a very good immage of the right proportion of a voice and instruments. The 800N is a speaker with one one the best three-demensional experience I've ever had. You can almost touch the peole who are playing on the cd. It is much more music instead of listening to a cabinet. With high quality of equipment it sucks you into the music.
You took me out of context.

When I saying weight of the B&W Nautilus 800 is 300 LBs verse the Piega C10 LTd like Ryder said, I meant it's part of the entire package. The contstruction, engineering and design of the speaker are more important than shear weight. But it does show how much was put into the B&W 800N.

Bottom line, having owned the Piega C10 Limited and now the B&W 800N speakers. Sound is most important. And the B&W 800N is clearly a superior speaker.

Accuracy, tonal balance, soundstage, midbass, bass extension, imaging etc.... are all superior in the B&W 800N speakers verse the Piega C10 Limited. Not that the Piega C10 Limited is a DOG of a speaker, but when you listened to both and lived with both ; it's a no brainer the B&W 800N is a clear cut great speaker.

The only drawback with the B&W 800N is there weight. In the boxes they are 350lbs, and it breaks my back when I had to move them. The B&W 800N are not the easiest speakers to setup and synergy match. But once you have experimented, and hit paydirt with the match. All I can say is WOW !!! The B&W 800N is sure to be a classic and definitely one of the best speakers in the world regardless of any price after you set them up correctly.
Hi MFS, I believe you when you say how much better the B&W's are than the Piega's. I have never heard either speaker. All I am saying is that it may take even more skill and effort (or at least as much) to build a good speaker enclosure that is light-weight than one that is heavy.

Do we judge our cars by how much they weigh? Is a MG not as good as a Hummer 'cause it's lighter? How about our computers? Our women? You get the idea...

Peace, Randy
Hi all. This is a little off topic but this question is directed to all the B&W N800 owners: What would you consider to be the smallest room dimensions that the speakers would work in. My room is 14x19x8. Is that too small. Thanks all in advance,

I also own the speakers, an it is said by B&W that the room had to be at least 40mm2. I heard the speaker also in a room of about 30mm2, and the bass was much to heavy. So that is very important. But you need very high quality equipment as well. People buy many times to expensive speakers and pay less money to the right equipment.
Anyone who would say that the 800N is better than the C10 Limited did not spend the time to properly setup the C10 Limited.
Hi guys
I know both speakers (owning a pair of 801's myself). Although the Piega is an excellent speaker and made in my country I see the 800's clearly ahead. In my opinion the Piega has the tendency to sound harsh/bright. The advantage of Piega: you need less power to handle the system. Try out!