For ARC lovers, Problems?

I had a ref 6 which I liked a lot and had no problems with. I upgraded to the ref 10 which sounded appreciably better but I ended up with a number of problems that I could no longer tolerate. I have a new pre which is very good but is not nearly as exciting as the audio research sound.
From your experience with Audio Research is this a good idea going back to the ref 6 with the hope of upgrading it to the SE? Or will I regret it due to reliability issues? There are pages on Audiogon concerning ARC reliability issues and I don't want to jump feet first into another expensive audio quicksand.
Any opinions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

What kind of problems did you have with the Ref 10?  
Couldn't the factory rectify the problem?
Tubes would continually blow. I had an authorized dealer fix it and the factory as well. I finally had to give up. I must say it was a glorious sounding piece of equipment. I miss it but I only had it half the time. 
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