Focal Kanta 2 vs Revel 226be vs Monitor Audio Gold 300 5g

For you guys with experience with any or all of these speakers, please expound on the attributes and/or weaknesses of them.  My tastes in music range from rock to jazz to classical, and even though I generally listen at moderate levels, I do sometimes like to crank it up.  Even though the listening area is reasonably large, I want to keep the footprint small (thus the choices in the title).  I have two SVS subs to augment the bass.  I currently listen to Tekton Enzo 2.7 speakers.  If you had to live with one of these speakers, which would it be and why.
Thanks guys.

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I have listened to each of these in various models. The Revel 228be and the Monitor 200, as well as the Kanta 2. I would recommend that you give the Sonus Faber Olympica Nova 2 a listen as well. They are about the same cost as the Kanta’s.

i have been shopping for speakers for a few years and today I decided on the SF Olympica Nova III’s , I wanted the 5’s but the money was more than I could muster.

But I have listened to a number of speakers in the past 2-3 months as I was on the “home stretch” in my search for 2 Fronts, Center and rears. But Fronts performance was primary. I will tell you each has its strengths and you really need to give each a listen as it is a tight field. In addition I auditioned ATC SCM40 very good but no center, B&W 804, SF Sonetto VIII, Legacy Signature, and Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Reference also no center, although I ruled them out.

You have a trio of great candidates and you must make sure that your ears are given a good audition. I discovered in this process that the equipment you listen to are a crucial ingredient. I heard some speakers a few times at one dealer and sometimes the equipment made such a difference. It adds to the confusion. I am happy that my search is over and am 100% comfortable with my decision.

Good luck.