Florida A'goners Bolt yer system down

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to take a minute to wish you all luck and to be very careful for the next couple days. This weather is already wrecking havoc with the telecommunications sector!

Stay low! Keep your first aid kits handy! And play some "Riders on the Storm" from the doors to pass the time!

Take care! And remember, Your stereo can be replaced! YOUR LIFE CANNOT! Lets make sure all of our floridian friends are still here come Monday!

Good Luck! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!

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"Just remember.
It aint that the wind IS blowing.
It is WHAT the wind is blowing.
When you get hit by a volvo, all the situps in the world aint gonna matter"

-Jeff White
Hey Floridans! Seems like nature is aiming to put a hurtin' on you!

Good luck out there! Be Safe and out of harms way

Remember, it aint THAT the wind is blowing......
it's WHAT the wind is blowing......

Good luck!