Florida A'goners Bolt yer system down

Hey Folks!

Just wanted to take a minute to wish you all luck and to be very careful for the next couple days. This weather is already wrecking havoc with the telecommunications sector!

Stay low! Keep your first aid kits handy! And play some "Riders on the Storm" from the doors to pass the time!

Take care! And remember, Your stereo can be replaced! YOUR LIFE CANNOT! Lets make sure all of our floridian friends are still here come Monday!

Good Luck! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all!
Great idea Slappy! FL needs all the prayers it can get.

I'm sure a lot of you have been through bad storms but just to reemphasize the destructive & far reaching power of a Hurricane, just two months ago, a huge limb (about 35-40') that was hanging directly above our transformer about 60' up was finally removed by a tree trimming co. from the damage caused by Hurricane Isabel last year. I think that company is still in the area doing clean up work, as I see the trucks from time to time.

Our Power Co. is getting ready to make a commitment re: sending trucks down as over 1 million lost power here from Isabel, so I can empathize with what you guys are about to go through.

Check out this Hurricane link to watch Charlie.
"Just remember.
It aint that the wind IS blowing.
It is WHAT the wind is blowing.
When you get hit by a volvo, all the situps in the world aint gonna matter"

-Jeff White
Thanks, it will be my first hurricane down here since moving to Florida some 3-1/2 years ago from Long Island, having experience a few up there, but here the land is flat so...?
I'm on Space Coast in Melbourne across US1 from the Indian River Lagoon so for this storm I'm some what safe being on the east coast.
Some tunes I'll be playing at work will be Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane" performed by The Mission UK and The Doors "Riders On The Storm" performed by Ex-Voto from the 'Darken My Fire-A Gothic Tribute To The Doors' cd.

Well, covered the window yesterday, as I live in Pinellas county...you know, right where Charlie is set to hit land tonight...... I'll have all the bestter equipment completely unplugged and disconnected, all my amps and subwoofer are in the shop after getting their recall work done, so I won't be worrying about then, and the TV is covered for lightning.....

Hope it goes by and doesn't do to much damage......

bradenton fla.,,, i keep saying to myself, "i should have bought that insurance,i should have bought that insurance" im going to put on the red hot chilli peppers doing "higher ground"then unplug system and put everything as high as i can and hope for the best!good luck to all fellow floridians,,,,
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Deltona Florida here ( between Orlando and Daytona). The heavy rain has just started ( 4:00), but this of course is just the beginning of what we are in for as the storm continues.....

For the other people in Florida that are on this site, I hope that you and your family members are safe and we can all escape with little or no damage. Godspeed.
Thanks for your concerns everyone. We're battening down in Lakeland Florida preparing for the storm, which will likely pass a few miles just to the east of us soon. Not suprisingly, this is one rare evening that I haven't much desire to listen to music.
its 10:30 pm and my electricity just came back on,lots of rain and wind, but not to bad here in bradenton,best of luck to those less fortunate,,,
Hey Floridans! Seems like nature is aiming to put a hurtin' on you!

Good luck out there! Be Safe and out of harms way

Remember, it aint THAT the wind is blowing......
it's WHAT the wind is blowing......

Good luck!
Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy night.
Just remember, your system can be replaced, your house can be replaced, you and your family CANNOT be replaced. Stay as safe as you can. Our thoughts are with you...
Thanks Guys & Gals for the vote of confidence. I live just west of Ft Lauderdale and as of 10:30 a.m. today we have gusts of wind up to 40mph with a little rain. Looks like the worst is yet to come but I feel for my audiophile friends in the Palm Beach, Ft Pierce and Melbourne area where the eye of the storm will eventually hit.

Be safe.

1:30 pm the wind is picking up and a little rain,,im on the west coast bradenton,,so it will be a while before it gets worse,,best of luck to those on the east coast!!
its 8:00 am sunday ,lots of wind and rain,,still just getting the outer bands
Now look out for IVAN (the terrible) Cat 5.
This one looks like a bad mo-fo.
Hope everyone's safe.