Floorstander or Larger Monitor With Voicing Like KEF LS50?

Love the KEF LS50- the voicing is just perfect for my tastes- elevated response above 2Khz that really opens up vocals and horns.  
I would just like something capable of playing louder in a larger room.  
So far I have listened to the KEF R-series (except for the R500) and they did not do it for me.  Same with Harbeth C7ES.  
Thanks in advance.  
Kef reference series. The 1 or 3s 
You could get a JL E-sub e-110, which has a high pass filter to send back to the mains. That would increase dynamics and handling capacity for the KEFs and the JL would do the heavy lifting to pressurize a larger room. Much less money than the Reference Series floorstanders, and much more flexibility for room size and placement.

What size room?
What amp are you using?
My room is modest sized 24X14X8, 85 watts..... at "5" it is LOUD huge soundstage like a concert.
Try Klipsch.