Fleetwood Mac Rhino 140g vinyl reissues?

Curious if anyone has heard any of the 4 FWM vinyl reissues from Rhino (especially Future Games and Then Play On) and what your opinion is of sound quality. Elusive Disc has these. Also wondering if they are the same as released in the box set "FWM 1969-1972" (for which I read, "Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering cut the lacquers for all four albums."...ok, but using what as source?)

Searched but did't see any relevant prior posts. Thanks in advance.
Ghost...from everything I have read and found, these are supposed to be the same ones used in the box set.

I have the box set and found the LPs to be pretty good. I also have the original US and UK recordings, but haven't done an A/B comparison.

I was going to buy a couple of these, but once I heard they were the same, I decided not to.
Thanks for the reply, Mofi. Have you seen any info the about source for these re-issues?