Flavor of the month.

My recent browsing leads me to believe that there some almost sure bets in audio gear that are there for the taking.  I am not poking fun at any product or anyone who supports these products.  If I were to start from scratch today with a new system, based on current opinion, the system would have to include an Art9 cartridge, Tekton DI's, and a Synergistic fuse.  These all seem to be the best of the best buys in their respective categories, in my opinion.  Were I in the market, I would certainly search these out for an evaluation.

I don't have an acute long-term memory of whether we have had other examples like these that were very much in vogue, and then like Kim K's posterior, fell from grace and hit bottom.  (Sorry Kanye)

Are these just current fad, or are they here to stay?  What are other examples of hot buys today?  Can you think of other trendy products from the past that held on for the long run, or conversely, others that were here today and gone tomorrow?