What is the flavor of the year now ?

Because i know about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago it was the Jolida JD100, professional reviewers and consumers alike couldn't say enough good things about it, and how for around a grand, you can get the best cd player since sliced bread, but now, it's a piece of crap, entry level, no detail, blah, blah, blah. And everything seems to be able to just "blow it away", anyway, i'm just curious, which cd player is the pimp daddy of them all now ??
Flavors of the "month":

Now, Canary CD-100 ? And before that Audio Aero Prima (kind of parallel to the Jolida in popularity).

Now, on the DAC front: Non-oversampling DACS ?

To be serious: You still hear many good comments about the Jolida and for that price you still find many A'gonners that recommend it. I believe all of the above are excellent digital front-ends. It is just that tastes develop (maybe better devolve) and change over time. And everyone has different tastes to make matters worse. Also, too much dependence on system synergy to start with.

Well, the Jolida is far from a piece of crap, and I sure wouldn't be interested in what CDP any reviewer that may say so might be "pimpin'".

The new year rapidly approachs, maybe you should wait a few months to see what next years' flavor is.
The Denon 3910 multi-format DVD seems to be a hot ticket.
I'm so old I remember when upsampling DACs were all the rage. That's before we figured out they were foisted on us by the evildoers who hold our entire way of life in contempt.

Non-oversampling DACs always sounded better!

Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia!
i went a little extreme on my sarcasm musetap, i also do not think the jolida is a piece of crap, quite the contrary, i have 2 friends that own them, and i agree with everyone who has posted comments about it's addictive sound, it's just gets irritating to me sometimes to read about pieces of equipment, that at one time was all the rage, and deservedly so, but now it seems the majority of posts are commenting about it being just an average or less. maybe it's just a part of the endless search for sonic perfection, who knows.
Maybe not yet on Audiogon, but the Eastsound CD-E5 is getting alot of attention. So much so I had to buy one for myself. Don't spend $1000.00's on other players. This $750.00 cd-player is amazing. I know it is an import and a warranty repair would cost some money, but you must hear what this player can do! I have had cd-players and transport/DAC combos that cost up to $4,000.00. This player is better. It has been favorably compared to $10,000.00 players.
interesting, i'll have to check the eastsound out, thanks for the advice.
The Cary CD-306 SACD player with 4 independant transformers on-the-fly switchable upsampling for 6K can compare with the best.