First System- need advice

Trying to put together my first system on limited budget $2000-$2500 U.S . I am a minimalist/purist . I would like to build system around a CREEK 4330 Integrated Amp and possibly a pair of TOTEM "ARRO" speakers ( I need suggestions for a CD player and Tuner. Also would appreciate any alternative suggestions for complete sytems in the $2000-$2500 range. Thanks
You failed to mention what kind of music you prefer. Unless you listen to big orchestras, organ or hard rock here is my recommendation. First, forget the Creek and Totems. Amplifier-Audiolab8000LX (can get it new for $560.00 from or demo. for $425.00 from, CD player-Audiolab8000CD ($1000.00-new or $900.00-demo from artech-electronics), Loudspeakers: a) B&W custom monitors ($1100.00 or so anywere) - clean but cold sound with limited dynamics and bass. b) Michael Green Designs Revolution 80i ($1000.00-saw it here somewhere among classifides) - perhaps, less precise than B&W but much more musical and natural especialy with vocals and acoustic instruments with better bass (Revolution 60i will do too - a little less dynamics, a little less bass) For cables I would probably suggest the most expensive Cardas you can afford but it may take some experementing. Do not mix cables of different makes unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time to find the best set up. Forget about the tuner for now or buy something used for next to nothing. Never spend less than needed or you'll waist your money. Good luck. Mikhail.
I would definitely, audition Linn Majik, Tukan speakers.(it can't get any more "Minimalist" than that)Mimik CD player. They fit like "hand in glove" together. You can constantly upgrade your system, and if not,just spend $$ on music. Read Robert Harley/ Stereophile recomended components Integrated Amp. Class B. Also check feedbacks from the acctual owners of this components(or any) in "". I own Majik, Tukans, just ordered Karik cd player, and Systemdek T-table. I believe, if you try them you'll like what you hear. Check the market pages in the A-Gon, you will find it All. Good Luck!
I agree with the above recommendation that you listen to the Linn Majik, Tukans and Karik cd player. While this combo is a little over your budget, you might be able to buy some of the equipment used. In any case, it sounds very good.
Here is a very unconventional suggestion: Paradigm Active/20 speakers ($1600). An excellent small speaker with very powerful (135W bass + 50W treble) power amps and active crossovers built-in. Add a decent cd-player and a cheap QED volume pot (if the player has no variable volume) and you are in business. CDs to look for are from Marantz, Rotel, Pioneer in the $500 - $800 bracket. Later you can budget for a proper preamplifier and the rest of your sources and add a Paradigm Servo 15 subwoofer.
If you don't mind used equipment I would recommend Spica Angelus, Vandersteen 1c, Epos 12, Thiel 1.2 or SM?? maggies($500-700). An Exposure XX Line level amp ($600). The rest on a CD player maybe a Meridian 508.20. You can also find used Conrad Johnson tube gear at good used prices.