First purchase of high end ICs/wire

Hello, I am new to the community and to high end systems. I have done much research here but would like to get some advice on buying an IC and speaker wire for my present system:

DQ-10s totally rebuilt/coned and upgraded by Regnar
McIntosh MC2255(vintageSS 500W)
Resolution Audio CD-55 (No Preamp)
Absolute Power Cords
Marshall Sound Runner 16AWG OFC speaker wire

I listen to mostly jazz , acoustic rock and classical at moderate volumes

I appreciate all comments and suggestions.
Buy direct and save money. A few popular brands here:

Pure Note
Ridge Street
Bogdan Audio
Bear Labs

Many excellent cables and there are some good sales.
I have to add my personal favorite, Zu Cable. They also do run some auctions here on Agon, & ebay.
I have had great success with most of the Cardas cables especially the Neutral Reference, but I have replaced all my ICs with Purist Audio Design cables in the last year. They cost a lot, but they are worth it!